Why Dunkey Is Video Game Comedy Gold (VIDEO)

Sometimes a troll, completely ridiculous, blatantly truthful, or sarcastic, but nevertheless always funny. Known now as videogamedunkey or just plain old Dunkey, this YouTuber made a name for himself throughout the early days of League of Legends. Just a few years ago, however, there were some complications that resulted in Riot banning him from the game and his departure from the community altogether.

Nowadays, he reviews video games old and new. If that’s not your thing, that’s okay too. There are compilations of his shenanigans with girlfriend Leah, his ragtag crew of friends, and strangers online. His ventures are indiscriminate, which range from mainstream titles like Monster Hunter World, Overwatch, Super Mario Odyssey to independents like Getting Over It, Nidhogg 2, and Brawlout.

The best videos involve Dunkey getting progressively more frustrated with difficult games like Trap Adventure 2. Or the exact opposite where he completely dominates the competition with various genres or niche characters. Not to mention the harmony of his editing style and dry humor that equals to a video game comedy sensation.

Despite his entertaining take on reviews, there’s a semblance of sincerity that goes into them. His opinion on Metal Gear Survive on one hand, prefaces the shady predicament that involved Konami and the lovable Hideo Kojima in addition to his adoration for the Metal Gear franchise. After Kojima’s unfortunate departure, Konami decidedly took a shot at prolonging the life of the series. Suffice to say, Dunkey didn’t mince words; that’s despite the mixed reviews all over social media.

If you’re looking for a good laugh or find out just why he’s hilarious, check out some of my recent favorites below. Unless you don’t find him funny in which case… oh well. Instead, if you’re looking for dating advice, check out the “incredibly valuable live action seduction simulator” game called Super Seducer. It’s incredibly easy to watch and not cringe-worthy at all.

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