Rocket League Free With Purchase Of 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

There may not be additional discounts on top of this exclusive deal, but a game and subscription bundle doesn’t sound half bad. The soccer video game featuring fast, custom cars…

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Weirdest Xbox Ad

WATCH: Is This The Weirdest Xbox Ad Of All Time? – Let’s Take A Look

As 2017 comes to an end, gamers are looking forward to a new year filled with exciting announcements, reveals, and more. While new consoles aren’t likely to make an appearance…

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WATCH: New Xbox Game Pass Commercial Brings The Best Belches Of Sunset Overdrive

Though this doesn’t confirm Sunset Overdrive 2, Xbox features a new Xbox Game Pass commercial with a comedic twist. In a brand new TV spot, which can be seen below,…

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Did Microsoft Steal This Fan-Made Concept Design For Recent PUBG AD Campaign?

Update: Microsoft has officially removed the artwork in question. One of the biggest success stories in gaming this year most certainly was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. For most of the year, the…

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Top Picks Of The Warmest Holiday Greetings From Some Of The Biggest Names In The Industry

The holiday season is here and many are at the crest their own celebrations. Whether you are spending time with friends or family, or taking much needed R& R time…

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Lizard Squad

Founding Member Of Lizard Squad Pleads Guilty To Cyber-Crimes, Jail Time Issued

Back in 2014, PlayStation and Xbox were subject to numerous cyber attacks from a hacker-for-hire group called Lizard Squad. The various DDOS attacks were supposedly a way to bring about…

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Microsoft Promises Transparency Regarding Sexual Harassment Cases

The last few months have seen many high profile outings of sexual offenders, the most recently infamous being Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The sheer number of victims stepping forward in…

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Evil (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ (VIDEO)

On December 2, 2003, Beyond Good & Evil released for the original Xbox. The Ubisoft-developed action title featured a standout space adventure, following a young photojournalist and her anthropomorphic pig…

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Throwback Thursday: Halo: Combat Evolved Reaches For The Stars (VIDEO)

On November 15, 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved was released for the original Xbox. A launch title for the inaugural Microsoft console, the first-person shooter presented several innovations for the genre,…

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Ronda Rousey Demo

Conan O’Brien Has Ronda Rousey Demo the Xbox One X, But Not How You’d Expect (VIDEO)

Ever since Conan O’Brien’s shift to his show on TBS starting in 2010, Conan has heavily leaned into appealing to gaming audiences, especially with his Clueless Gamer segments. As such,…

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