Leaked Xbox Elite Controller 2 Details Revealed

Leaked Xbox Elite Controller 2 Details Revealed

Ever since the Xbox Elite controller was revealed at E3 2015, Xbox owners have gradually embraced the idea of a modular controller for console gaming. While the controller has been a success for Microsoft, it might be a bit long in the tooth. Especially considering how many revisions have been made for the S and other controllers available for the Xbox One. However, that may change now according to a new leak from unofficial reports provided by Windows Central.  It sounds like we will be hearing about a new Xbox Elite controller soon.

According to the reports, the Xbox Elite controller 2, codenamed Spider, will bring a few new features to the already robust suite offered in its predecessor.  New features include a USB-C charging port, a charging dock with a magnetic lock mechanism for safety, and the ability to alter the tension in the analog sticks.  The tension control feature will allow players to change the resistance in sticks so they can get the feedback they want.  This can be useful for various titles, like racing games so steering feels more tactile, or players that feel like the sticks are generally too loose for their tastes.

The controller will also feature an iteration on the trigger lock feature that allows three stage phases as opposed to the two featured in the original controller. The report did include a leaked image of the alleged product (shown above).  It should be noted that these reports are unofficial so none of these details have been confirmed, and the image above could very well be a fan-made mock-up.  If there is indeed a new controller coming, there might be features and changes that get added or removed from the original designs described here.  In other words, take all of this with a grain of salt.

Are you excited for a new iteration on the Elite controller?  How are you enjoying your current one or will this new design get you to buy one? Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for any updates on the release of this and many other gaming accessories!

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