HBO Watchmen Series

HBO Watchmen Series Casts Regina King, Don Johnson And More For Pilot

Superheroes films are marking some of the biggest draws at the box office, and it looks like they are continuing their takeover of the television landscape. Most of the major…

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Unity Fan Trailer Marvel/DC

WATCH: Epic Marvel/DC Unity Fan Trailer Pits The Heroes Against Doctor Manhattan

The biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics have finally assembled on the big screen in Justice League and The Avengers respectively. Fans have been appreciative of the fan service to say the…

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Watchmen animated movie

Watchmen HBO TV Series is Now in Production, Lost Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Confirms

It was this past Summer, in June, that Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof showed interest in directing an HBO television show based on the DC graphic novel series Watchmen. Needless to…

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Doomsday Clock Art Teases Upcoming Story

DC and Watchmen Crossover is Nigh – Doomsday Clock Art Teases Upcoming Story

DC Comics is launching another wide-scale event later this year where the main DC Universe and the world of Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel will collide in Doomsday Clock. The incoming story…

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Lost TV Series Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Wants to Adapt Watchmen Series for HBO

The latest news in development for television series brings fans a sliver of excitement, especially for those who have loved watching series such as “Lost” and “The Leftovers”. According to…

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Watchmen animated movie

An R-Rated Watchmen Animated Movie is in Development

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel is getting a second shot at the big screen from Warner Brothers. A Watchmen animated movie is already in development and fans on…

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The Button watcmen injustice

Batman and The Flash Watch the Watchmen in “The Button” Crossover Event (COMICS)

Last year, DC’s comics line was birthed once more. Call it a “Rebirth”, if you will, as the universe’s main heroes were given new, but familiar backstories. The new continuity has…

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Geoff Johns: New DC Show and His Return To Comics

DC Film’s co-head and President Geoff Johns had comic enthusiasts as well as fans of the comic book movie genre ablaze throughout the interwebs when he took to Twitter in…

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Injustice 2 Watchmen

Ed Boon Hints Watchmen Characters Might Be in Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios is hard at work on the sequel to their DC fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Aptly named Injustice 2, the game is due out some time in 2017, but Creative Director Ed…

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DC’s Batman Rebirth and Watchmen, More Connections on the Way

Finally! The Watchmen/Batman Rebirth crossover is going to start coming together in more detail and with it, some much needed clarity. Last June we were witness to the first contact…

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