Virtual Reality – Now a Place to Hang with Friends?

Sorry, Doc Brown (Back to the Future) – 2015 didn’t provide those self-drying jackets, flying cars, or cool hoverboards (well, at least not the good ones) like you thought we’d eventually have to enjoy in this century, but we did get Virtual Reality as a Social event. So there’s that.

Virtual Reality

Welcome to 2016; where social gatherings have taken a step further into the gaming realm. Centertec, the first Virtual Reality and eSports venue has just opened in Oxford Valley Mall, is opening up a brand new era of social gathering ideas for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels!

This is a huge deal as previous iterations of VR gaming has been confined to home use for an intimidating price tag, or reserved for such mundane applications like virtual road tests in Driver’s Ed (yeah, you remember those days, don’t you?). But now, as we walk into a whole new realm of possibilities, the addition of such an immersive experience has just bumped movie night for group gatherings down the totem pole a few notches!

Announced at the tail end of Sony’s PlayStation VR launch, this signals a new era in social interactions for anyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, or someone just looking to spend a few hours having fun with their friends and family, Centertec has paved the way for new and exciting options to have a great time!

Virtual Reality

Centertec’s very first store is a prime location to launch this flagship service to the public. Oxford Valley Mall, a 122 store outlet mall with a 1.3 million square foot area is huge, offers the company an opportunity to utilize an open concept floor plan to better immerse the customer in its VR realm.

Centertec is confident that it has hit gold with its new social gathering concept. Director of Marketing, Eden Walace, had this to say:

Centertec is the first and only place for VR gaming and eSports. There’s nowhere else gamers can go, and now, with Centertec there’s nowhere else gamers will need to go.

So what do you think? Will you be one of the many to book their next social gathering or birthday party with Centertec? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re in the Langhorne, PA, area, get online and book your reservations right away! Reservations currently start at $30/person for an hour, with an opportunity to book 15+ guests at a time! Don’t hesitate! Get out there and get playing!


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