Hilarious Video of Conan O’ Brien Trying VR is the Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day!

conan VR

Conan visited the YouTube headquarters in Chelsea, NY to meet with the head of the VR (virtual reality) department, Tom Small, in order to try out their VR firsthand. Conan tells Tom that virtual reality is the future and although Tom agrees that it can help us in many ways, he thinks we should proceed with caution on the VR front. At this point Conan starts in with the jokes talking about virtual marriage and porno while poor Tom looks like he’s completely regretting his decision to let this crazy man come in. They travel over to the VR Lab to expierience the latest in technology… GREEN PAPER! Conan gets situated in front of the green screen and straps on the VR goggles then pulls the trigger.

conan VR

Conan starts out with Tilt Brush by Google. He is amazed and even draws a cartoon of himself with “adult acne” before eventually exclaiming that he is the chosen one and then he starts molesting the moon. According to Conan, VR will put the Marijauna industry out of business. In the next simulation he is an office worker in a pretty accurate looking cubicle where he pours creamer everywhere, photocopies random objects, and throws things. Pretty much destroyed the place and made new enemies.

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Conan then moves on to a gourmet chef simulation where he tries to create things like corn on the cob on toast and a comical cheese sandwich that the waiter won’t accept. Conan then gets angry that the waiter won’t accept his offering so he lectures the waiter and once again the conversation turns to porn and Conan then lubes himself up with virtual oil. He gets bored of “working” So they send him to the gym where he meets a very sad looking coach who he ends up sweet talking into joining his threesome with the moon and that sweet oil from the restaurant. Here it is! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, because Conan is NSFW! OK maybe it’s not that bad, check it out:

This video made us laugh so hard! Conan is such a silly guy and watching him try VR was the best! What did you think of the clip? Let us know your favorite part down below in the comments, but keep the oil to yourselves! Check back with DFTG often and check us out on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers. Speaking of VR, Did you know that PlayStation VR is one of the best inventions of 2016 according to Time Magazine?


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