DFTG Reviews the 550M Cougar Gaming Mouse

For PC gamers, a quality gaming mouse is paramount to the success of many raids, FPS pwnage, and open-world exploration. DPI, comfort, and maneuverability are key to an enjoyable gaming experience. That being said, it is also the holiday season where said gamers start drawing up their lists for and from loved ones. Why not take a look at cost-effective mouse alternative from Cougar Gaming?

cougar gaming

If you are like me, you like the ability to customize. With great power comes great customization and Cougar definitely didn’t disappoint with the 550M series. With their multicoloured backlight system, the 3-stage DIP LED indicator and the palm backlight are both RGB capable and both parts work independently to customize as well as have a visual indicator of which custom profile configuration you are using. There are over 16.8 million colour options to choose from for the ultimate way to express your style, take a look at the UI below to see how the customization works:

cougar gaming ui

The feel of this mouse is phenomenal. The anti-slip flanks provide a stable and comfortable grip, no matter how fast the mouse movement speed is. The surface of the Cougar 550M is well set up for premium comfort with its pro-gaming surface added to help the level of stability. The 550M’s overall design is optimized specifically with the gamer’s comfort in mind.

cougar gaming

Here are some of the features I really enjoyed about Cougar 550M mouse:

  • The 6 access buttons that allows up to 21 different functions (macros, shortcuts, etc)
  • 512 Kb internal memory to store up to 3 of my profile configurations OMRON micro switches for accuracy
  • The scroll wheel does not stick with clear feedback while gaming
  • Programmable trigger button
  • The anti-slip flanks on the mouse itself, provides a comfortable grip
  • LOVE the multicolour backlight system for optimal customization
  • 3-stage DPI LED indicator to control the level of DPI, resolution 50-6400 DPI
  • 1000Hz polling rate and instant response time
  • Cougar UIX System for device management: easy to use and interactive
Commander Shepard Approved
I dipped my metaphorical toes in the sand with the 550M to hop on Guild Wars 2 to complete some dailies. The feel of it was very smooth. The grip, the surface of the mouse itself, the DPI … a very fluid experience. The only drawback to this particular model is that it is wired which means that mobility is somewhat limited, especially for me with my tower being located underneath my desk. The entry point for the braided wire is stationed on the left side of the mouse instead of the center, which is more common with a wired mouse. A small gripe, but with it being positioned directly underneath the left click made it somewhat awkward during the more fast-paced instances.

This mouse works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. It also comes in two colour options:

cougar gaming

You can find the 550M series directly from the Cougar Gaming site or from other online retailers such as Amazon. Check out the link below to get yours today!

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