Mario Throwback Thursday The Influential Mario Game That Never Released

Throwback Thursday: The Influential Mario Game That Never Released (VIDEO)

After the red-hatted, enemy-hopping, and block-punching exploits of Mario made the jump to 3D in Super Mario 64, a sequel was all that was on gamers minds following completion of…

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Super Mario Goldeneye

WATCH: Super Mario GoldenEye Mod Puts Mario Characters in N64 Shooter

Despite first launching over 20 years ago, nostalgia for the Nintendo 64 is still going strong among gamers. The Nintendo 64 was the hottest selling item last holiday season according…

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Super Mario 64 Mod

WATCH: Super Mario 64 Mod Allows Players To Take On Bowser In The First Person

Playing as Mario on the Nintendo 64 was a bright spot in many players’ childhood. The nostalgia of the game’s mechanics, the colorful worlds, and challenges to explore is something…

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Hidden Super Mario 64 Easter Egg Discovered After 20 Years

Easter eggs are practically expected as newer and more modern games are being created, and that’s especially the case with long-time developers like Nintendo. Not unlike the Poke Balls found…

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Super Mario Creator

Super Mario Creator “Not Interested” in Remaking Previous Titles

While some developers have been giving their games makeovers and re-releases, there is one franchise that will likely never see a remake return to its classic roots. Super Mario creator…

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