New Street Fighter Transformers Toy Line Revealed – Coming Next Year

While the original Street Fighter game was a success when it released in the late 1980s, it was Street Fighter II that made the series a cultural phenomenon. The game’s…

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Street Fighter 5 Announces Zeku “The Ever-Changing Ninja” In Latest Reveal Trailer (VIDEO)

Introducing the latest Street Fighter 5 character to the amazing roster so far is Zeku the Ever-Changing Ninja. Initially “debuted” in the SFV alpha 2, Zeku taught Guy the Bushinryu style…

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Sagat Statues

These Street Fighter Sagat Statues Are Phenomenal But Phew, They’re Not Cheap

While nerd culture has had a fixation with premium statues of its favorite characters for a while now, more recent years have seen an influx of higher-priced premium statues. With…

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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition to Arrive in 2018 – New Modes, UI Redesign, and More (VIDEO)

As part of Capcom’s 30th year celebration of the Street Fighter franchise, the developing team went all out to bring a bunch of new content with the Arcade edition. The publisher…

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Street Fighter V’s Newest DLC Character is Fortune Teller Menat (VIDEO)

Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise is easily one of the most world renowned series in the fighting game genre.  Even fighting game veterans that aren’t fans of Street Fighter are familiar with the iconic…

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Street Fighter 5 DLC

Street Fighter 5 DLC Now Available – New Fighter, Stages, and Costumes Included (VIDEO)

The newest Street Fighter 5 DLC is now available bringing with it the newest fighter of Season 2: Abigail who hails from the beat-em up title Final Fight. In Final…

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Street Fighter V School

Additional Street Fighter V School Uniform Costume DLC Coming Next Week

Street Fighter V was first released over a year ago, but the game has not suffered greatly in terms of momentum. The title is still a big piece of the…

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New Street Fighter V Trailer Launched, Spotlighting New Character Ed (VIDEO)

To celebrate the reveal of a new playable character in Street Fighter V, Capcom has just released a brand new feature trailer. Ed, a fighter who was raised by Balrog,…

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Additional Street Fighter V Online Open Beta Coming to PS4 and PC – Everyone is Welcome

In order to “optimize the new and improved Capcom Fighters Network”, an extension of the Street Fighter V online open beta is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC. The…

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Battle Arena Melbourne

The Pro Battles Commence – Play Tekken 7 Before Release at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 (VIDEO)

Returning for the 9th time is Australia’s largest fighting game major, Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) is back for another round of intense battle for competitive gamers. The event will take place…

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