Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

Watch This New Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The Dragon Quest series has been an RPG staple in console gaming since the NES era, but in recent years, Western fans of the series have had unfortunate luck when…

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Final Fantasy XV’s Holiday Pack Features DLC for Season AND Non-Season Pass Holders, Less Than a Week Away!

Yesterday, Square Enix announced in their blog that a holiday DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be available for Season and Non-Season Pass holders – the Holiday Pack (free for all…

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Hitman: Holiday Hoarders Home Alone bandits

Hitman Christmas DLC: Kill the Bandits from ‘Home Alone’ in Holiday Hoarders

Last week, fans of this year’s Hitman were delighted to learn of a Christmas-themed mission addition to the universally acclaimed game. Holiday Hoarders takes players to Paris, France to intercept and…

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Final Fantasy XV Co-Op – “Comrades” Is Coming Soon!

It’s been a few days since Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV released, and so far the excitement has been buzzing across the globe. The wait for this title has been…

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DFTG Reviews Final Fantasy XV – Worth the Wait? FULL REVIEW

Final Fantasy is a franchise that first began back in 1987 and has been going strong ever since. Fans around the world have been anxiously awaiting Final Fantasy XV’s release…

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Final Fantasy XV's 72-hour boss Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV’s ’72-Hour Boss’ Defeated in Significantly Shorter Time Span [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV has only been out for a day and the game’s supposed 72-hour boss battle with Adamantoise has been defeated in just an hour’s time. During Conan O’Brien’s…

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final fantasy xv crown update

Final Fantasy XV Patch Notes for the Crown Update Day One

The new Crown Update for Final Fantasy XV adds 8 GB of improvements to the game a day away from the launch. The game will not be playable until you…

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Jonesing for a Final Fantasy XV Soda? Here’s How You Can Get the Exclusive ‘Wiz’s Energizing Elixir’

Jonesing for a soda? Excited for Final Fantasy XV coming out tomorrow? Love collectibles? Well, you’re in luck. A partnership between Jones Soda, Square Enix, and Target has birthed an exclusive…

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Sleeping Dogs 2 – The Game That Never Was, New Details Leaked

It is extremely unlikely that we will ever see a sequel to the underappreciated Sleeping Dogs, as the developer, United Front Games, no longer exists. The company imploded back in…

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Creator Apologizes to Fans – Street Date Shattered, Spoilers are Rampant

The creative minds behind the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV are having one hell of a week as the game experienced a massive leak in South of America, breaking its…

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