Sonic the Hedgehog Puma

Sonic the Hedgehog Puma Shoes Announced For June Release (VIDEO)

Sega has been striving in recent years to expand the Sonic the Hedgehog brand into as many media and merchandising avenues as possible. A Kickstarter campaign recently funded a tabletop game,…

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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Announces Official 2019 Release Date

Just like many other icons, the blue blur has a soft spot in most people’s hearts and the franchise is still going strong today. With the comic series now taken…

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Hedgehog Tabletop Game

Sonic The Hedgehog Tabletop Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Given the gradually increasing popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog since the departure of Sega from the hardware market, the company has been making strides to make the Blue Blur’s multimedia…

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Xbox Live Deals With Gold Brings Discounts On Deadpool And More

Every week, Microsoft releases Xbox Live deals with gold. This gives Gold members a chance to save some cash on many desired titles and DLC. Whether you’re a lover of…

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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Rights

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Heading to the Big Screen Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The past few years in the film industry have seen a significant influx of film adaptations of popular video games, mostly projects based on more recent video game franchises. Films…

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Sonic Mania Intro Now Runs on Sega Genesis Hardware (VIDEO)

That Animated Sonic Mania Intro Now Runs on Sega Genesis Hardware (VIDEO)

Sonic Mania brought back the blue hedgehog’s wonderfully pixelated platforming of yester-90s and the throwback seems all the better for it, as the resulting game has gone on to receive…

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Sonic Mania DRM Removed Following Negative Fan Response

Sonic Mania DRM Always Online Requirement Removed Following Negative Fan Response

Fans of Sega’s speedy blue hedgehog have been anticipating the release of Sonic Mania since it’s announcement last year, while others have been waiting much longer for a throwback return. Now…

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sonic hedgehog comics

SEGA Announces a New Publisher for Sonic the Hedgehog Comics

That didn’t take long, at all. You know what they say, “gotta go fast”! As quickly as the news for the conclusion of SEGA’s partnership with Archie Comics was revealed,…

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Sonic the Hedgehog Comics Canceled as SEGA’s Partnership with Archie Comics Ends

After 24 years of memories and over 290 issues with the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, SEGA of America and Archie Comics have announced an end to their partnership and this…

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sonic hedgehog comics

Sega and Data Disc Announce a Sonic Mania Soundtrack Album Coming Out on Vinyl

Announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Sonic Mania has retro gaming enthusiasts excited, thanks in large part to the game’s back-to-basics 2D gameplay and throwback pixelated visuals. Also…

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