PlatinumGames President

PlatinumGames President Wants Xbox To Revive Cancelled Scalebound

As the entire video game industry is aware, Microsoft has been making some big moves to stay competitive against their rivals lately. The biggest move recently of course being their…

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Scalebound Revival Rumors Addressed By Xbox Boss – “We’re Not Working On It” (VIDEO)

Once one of the most anticipated games for the current-gen Xbox One, Scalebound has since become the subject of numerous rumors in the years since its tragic cancellation. From claims…

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Scalebound Dev "Would Love" To Finish The Game, But It's Up To Microsoft

Scalebound Dev “Would Love” To Finish The Game, But It’s Up To Microsoft

Back in 2017, Microsoft announced that its dragon action-rpg title Scalebound had been canceled following rumors that the PlatinumGames-developed title was in trouble and the project was in peril. This…

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Scalebound Dev Reveals Why The Game Was Cancelled

Scalebound Dev Reveals Why The Game Was Cancelled

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Xbox exclusive Scalebound was unfortunately gone before it was ever really here, with the game being cancelled roughly three years after it was originally announced at E3…

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Cancelled Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch

Cancelled Xbox Exclusive ‘Scalebound’ Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch

A little more than two years ago now, Microsoft Studios revealed that “after careful deliberation,” the publisher had chosen to cancel development on Xbox One exclusive ‘Scalebound’ by developer PlatinumGames….

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Throwback Thursday E3 Never Release Scalebound Star Wars 1313 Duke Nukem Forever

Throwback Thursday: Awesome E3 Announcements That Never Saw Release (VIDEO)

Each year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo brings forth the biggest games the industry has to offer, with unveilings often showcasing a spectacle only worthy of such a grand event. Of course,…

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Scalebound Listing

Scalebound Listing Reappears On Xbox One Store

The dragon-inclusive RPG Scalebound was one of the most anticipated titles for Xbox One, that is, until the game was suddenly cancelled. While Microsoft and Platinum Games were apologetic about the unreleased…

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Hideki Kamiya

Video Game Director Hideki Kamiya Talks Scalebound Cancellation and Future Endeavors

Awhile back, Microsoft and Platinum Games announced the cancellation of the long-awaited action RPG Scalebound. The game was being led by world renown video game director Hideki Kamiya, who is responsible for…

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Trademark for Cancelled Scalebound has Been Renewed by Microsoft – Interest Intensifies

Despite its cancellation that had many Scalebound hopefuls around the world disapointed, it seems that Microsoft isn’t quite ready to let it completely die out. Though removing any mention of…

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Scalebound Producer JP Kellams Leaves PlatinumGames After a Decade of Work

In January, it was officially confirmed that Scalebound was cancelled by Microsoft. PlatinumGames confirmed on their blog shortly thereafter that it was a regretful and difficult decision for both parties, but…

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