Scalebound Producer JP Kellams Leaves PlatinumGames After a Decade of Work


In January, it was officially confirmed that Scalebound was cancelled by Microsoft. PlatinumGames confirmed on their blog shortly thereafter that it was a regretful and difficult decision for both parties, but it was a decision that required realization. However, there were obvious discrepancies between Phil Spencer‘s declaration and the developer’s. While it may never be publicly divulged, there may have been a disagreement or matter of deadline issues. On the other hand, Spencer has always been analytical and pragmatic about decision-making and it’s a whole other experience to be on the short end of the stick. After so many hours invested in an intellectual property, it would hurt to walk away from it. It is also unfortunate that the Creative Producer for the IP will be leaving PlatinumGames studios. After 10 long years of dedication, here’s what Kellams shared with fans:

Not only was Kellams the lead producer for Scalebound, but his participation began since the birth of the game. According to his LinkedIn page, he led a team of over 100 developers to work on this game for quite a few years. It’s unclear whether or not the title’s cancellation had to do with his exit from the company, but all the same – we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. It’s disheartening to see a game with such fantastic potential shelved, but here’s to hoping for more awesome games and news from Kellams. While the Hideki Kamiya, developer and director of Bayonetta and Scalebound, has taken time off for ambiguous reasons – fans will certainly be hearing more from PlatinumGames as well.

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