Trademark for Cancelled Scalebound has Been Renewed by Microsoft – Interest Intensifies

Despite its cancellation that had many Scalebound hopefuls around the world disapointed, it seems that Microsoft isn’t quite ready to let it completely die out. Though removing any mention of the game from all media outlets, one Twitter user noticed that the publisher recently renewed its trademark claim on the Scalebound name. Given that the registration for the name was no where near its expiration, this has more than a few people quirking an eyebrow in interest at the cancelled Scalebound title.

There was an immediate outcry of gamers that were disappointed with the news that the dragon title was cancelled, so naturally the cognitive wheels began turning with this revelation. Whether the abandoned game will resume under a new developer, or Microsoft simply wants to retain the name for a future project is anyone’s guess. It could even be as simple as Microsoft doesn’t want any other publishers to utilise the name that has garned a lot of public interest.

Time will tell what the plans are, though many remain hopeful that perhaps the game will rise again, everything at this point is pure speculation. Would you like to see the abandoned game picked up once more? Or do you think that the cancelled Scalebound should stay buried? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our live gaming and entertainment newsfeed 24/7!

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