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Valorant Reveals New Infiltrating Duelist – Meet Yoru (VIDEO)

A brand new character joins the fight! As Riot approaches the kick-off of Episode 2, they’re prepared to reveal a nimble contender. In the second animated episode of RETAKE, Riot…

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Valorant Official Release Date Set For Next Month (VIDEO)

The studio behind League of Legends, Riot Games, unveiled their tactical shooter Valorant earlier this year and gamers are excited to see where they take it. Initially targeted with a…

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League Of Legends Newest Champion Is A Magical Cat Named Yuumi (VIDEO)

League of Legends adds yet another champion to the ever-growing roster and this time – it’s a magical neko-chan! Introducing the adorable, magical feline called Yuumi, Riot brings to the…

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Fired Riot Employee Discusses League of Legends’ Community Toxicity And Recent Backlash

The League of Legends community is infamous for its ability to somehow nurture toxic behavior within the game. Though the term itself and the nature of the topic is always…

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New Reveal Video Showcases League of Legends Lunar Revel – New Skins and More

It looks like Overwatch isn’t the only game with incoming Year of the Rooster skins! In a gameplay video uploaded to the League of Legends Youtube channel, we see Champions…

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