Sea of Thieves Weekly Events

Plans For Sea Of Thieves Weekly Events And More Content Unveiled By Devs (VIDEO)

Rare’s Sea of Thieves hasn’t seen the smoothest of launches, but that hasn’t stopped the studio from doing everything within their power to remain on course. That being said, the…

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Private Crews

Sea Of Thieves Receiving Private Crews In Response To Brig Misuse

Sea of Thieves has a wonderful feature which allows players to vote to lock another in the brig. While some players use this as a joke to lock unruly friends…

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Sea of Thieves Update

New Sea of Thieves Update Addresses Griefing And Needed Bug Fixes

A new Sea of Thieves update has released, bringing some important changes to the game that will help increase honor among pirates. One of the ways the developers at Rare…

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Pirate Content

Sea Of Thieves Devs Promise That More Content Is On The Way

Sea of Thieves set sail on some rough seas at launch with a very mixed bag reception taking a dip for the worst. While the game offers a lot of…

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Sea of Thieves Kraken Design

Sea of Thieves Kraken Design Is Making Some Players Unhappy (VIDEO)

Now that Rare’s shared-world pirate adventure has been unleashed from its cage, players are taking to the sea to battle it out against others, all while searching for glorious booty….

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Rare LTD.

Rare LTD. Is Auctioning Exclusive Sea of Thieves Themed Xbox One S and More for Charity

Rare LTD., the creators behind the upcoming sea-faring adventure title Sea of Thieves, has been hosting an auction over the past few days, selling off some pretty incredible items. This…

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