Pokémon Go Alola Forms

Pokémon Go Alola Forms of Kanto Pokémon Coming Soon

Pokemon Go will soon be entering into a new summer season and for players in colder climates, that means more reasonable weather to play more Pokemon Go in. The mobile…

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New Pokemon Manga Series Coming To The West In May

Almost everyone loves Pokemon or has some memory of playing the games and collecting the cards. What most people don’t know is that there’s been long-standing manga publications to match….

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Free Charizard Special Code Coming Soon for Pokemon Sun and Moon Players

Attention, Pokemon Sun and Moon, players! Soon enough, a special code will become available for a Charizard and Target is in on it. Starting in October, the popular retail chain…

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Brock and Misty Return to Pokemon in a Sun and Moon Anime Series Special

Pokemon — one of many beloved series that a proportionate number of gamers and TV viewers grew up on, but none as iconic as this. For those born in the…

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Moon Global Mission

Players Worldwide Finally Completed a Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission

Given the relatively sparse amount of new games that released for the Nintendo 3DS last year, all hopes were on Pokemon Sun and Moon to draw in a large amount…

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Next Pokemon Sun & Moon Global Mission Begins Tomorrow + How to Participate (VIDEO)

Pokémon Sun & Moon‘s first Global Mission wasn’t the most successful, at least, in sheer measure of numbers. Earlier this month, Trainers were implored to catch or Island Scan 100 million Pokémon within…

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Global Mission Challenges Players to Catch 100 Million Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon players around the world are embarking in a new challenge when playing Pokemon Sun and Moon. The online event is going on now and will continue until December 13th. So what’s…

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