Xbox Game Pass Assassin's Creed Origins

Xbox Game Pass “Surprises” Teased For Later In June (VIDEO)

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass continues to be well-regarded as the “best deal in gaming” and the company’s subscription supremacy only grows with the passing of every month. Even as its…

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xbox game pass

Xbox Game Pass Adds Vampire Survivors, Sniper Elite 5, And 10 More

Reigning as the undisputed king of game subscriptions in recent years, Xbox Game Pass has consistently proven its prowess with a regular influx of popular titles and alluring perks to…

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Xbox Game Pass Shredders

Xbox Game Pass Confirms 8 New Games Coming Soon (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Following the new announcement of Xbox Game Pass selections, one title is now officially delayed from its debut – at least partially. As posted on Twitter, the PC Game…

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Xbox Game Pass Guardians of the Galaxy

Xbox Game Pass Adds Guardians Of The Galaxy And 6 More (VIDEO)

As Microsoft maneuvers its big acquisition plans for Activision Blizzard (which remains a towering, industry-quaking deal, btw), Xbox seems to be taking it easy on the Game Pass side of…

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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Reveals 8 New Games Coming Soon (UPDATED)

UPDATE: After the latest Xbox Game Pass announcement, the Xbox One release of Lawn Mowing Simulator, a title expected to debut February 17th, was officially delayed in a post on…

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Xbox Game Pass CrossfireX

Xbox Game Pass Adds CrossfireX, Edge of Eternity, And 8 More (VIDEO)

Though the company sees some formidable competition, Microsoft has been going all-in on Xbox Game Pass as of late, as the whole of Activision Blizzard was recently announced to be…

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Xbox Game Pass All-Access

Xbox Game Pass Exceeds 25 Million Subscribers

News of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still echoing across the gaming industry, as it would see the Xbox brand expand to own the likes of Call of Duty,…

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