Anthem BioWare Apology

Anthem Devs Extend Heartfelt Message And Apology To Players, “Anthem Is Here To Stay”

There’s no denying that the Anthem devs have been feeling the pressure since the release of their new IP, Anthem. It hasn’t been the smoothest of launches, and while many…

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Anthem Launch Trailer Dives Into The Combat Experience Of Freelancers (VIDEO)

We are less than 2 weeks out from the release of BioWare’s next action-packed title Anthem, and we now have a look at the explosive new launch trailer. This high-intensity…

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Anthem Demo Release Date Revealed

Anthem Streamer Gets Entire Origin Library Deleted After Breaking NDA (VIDEO)

What happens when you don’t follow-up to a signed agreement? You lose your entire library of games. A Twitch streamer by the alias “smokethethrone” had his entire Origin library deleted…

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Discord Is Launching A Dedicated Storefront For Games

It is no secret that Discord has taken the communication industry by storm. Leaving once popular services in their dust, the company has now set its sights on offering games to…

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Origin Access Premier Announced At EA Play

Origin Access Premier Announced At EA Play

This year’s EA Play was chock full of tons of game announcements, featuring new reveals like the announcement for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and a look at some exciting…

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Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition - The Sims 4

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition Gets Weird With The Sims 4 Crossover DLC (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition is getting a rather unexpected crossover with The Sims. Square Enix and Electronic Arts have announced that those who purchase the PC version of Final Fantasy 15…

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Dead Space

Original Dead Space Is Free On Origin (VIDEO)

Dead Space has become one of those classic titles one may think of when considering the Survival Horror genre, especially when throwing the word ‘space’ into the phrase somewhere. The…

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Sims 4 pets expansion

Create Man’s Best Friend in a Unique Way With the New Sims 4 Pets Expansion (VIDEO)

The Sims 4 has been a huge success, but one thing that players have been missing in their short Sim lives are their very own fur babies. Well, on November…

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EA's Games

EA’s Games are Available to Play for Free This Week

EA’s Play press conference was packed with new content and exciting announcements that kicked off E3 with a bang on Saturday, June 10. Among the announcements was the fact that some…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Designer Ian Frazier Discusses Dialogue Options and Character Personalities

Mass Effect: Andromeda is well on its way to the officially declared Spring 2017 release. Not only have fans learned of some background characters to guide and help players through…

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