Son Kills Angry Father After Misunderstanding His Online Gaming Threats

Gaming Threats Son Kills Angry Father

Following a deadly series of events, 22-year-old Alec Tarasiuk is being held without bail for shooting and killing his 57-year-old father, Walter Tarasiuk. Local prosecutors in Chicago have found that the violent event began as a heated exchange, with the father and son arguing about doing chores and looking for a job. The parent would later retreat to his bedroom to play a round of video games, only to loudly berate other online players. The son reportedly mistook these gaming threats as directed at him, and proceeded to shoot his father with a handgun.

After taking his father’s life, the young Tarasiuk called the local authorities and confessed to what he had done, that he was the one who pulled the trigger. Police arrested Tarasiuk and charged him with first-degree murder following the court’s conclusion that he was a danger to the community. The judge reportedly denied bail as well given that the defendant shot his father from behind. Tarasiuk’s next court date is on February 1.

Alec Tarasiuk hadn’t had a confrontation with the law prior to this horrible incident and was a graduate of his local Conant High School. Having previously lived with his mother, Alec had reportedly grown frustrated as of late with his father’s insistence that he get a job, complete household chores, or accomplish something else productive with his life.

Before his demise, the patriarch Walter Tarasiuk was hardly remembered making angry gaming threats. He was described by neighbors as a helpful handyman that had organized multiple community get-togethers such as weekly card games. No response has been provided by family members or the victim’s girlfriend as of yet, as they require time to process these shocking circumstances. We here at Don’t Feed the Gamers offer our support and compassion to those affected by this horrible event.

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