Nintendo Switch eShop new games

New Games Have Been Added to the Nintendo Switch eShop (VIDEO)

If players have already explored and conquered the massive map contained within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, they might be pleased to hear that more games have…

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teen hacker sentenced

Teen Hacker Headed to Jail Following 1.7 Million Attacks Across Microsoft and Sony

Following a massive string of hacks taking place across various web platforms such as Xbox Live, Minecraft, and TeamSpeak, a UK-based teen hacker is headed to jail. According to The Guardian,…

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Minecraft's Future

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Teases Minecraft’s Future Work

Xbox head Phil Spencer took the time to visit with the team over at Mojang and got a good look at Minecraft’s future. He took to Twitter after, teasing fans…

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Microsoft's Minecraft

Microsoft’s Minecraft Set to Launch on the Nintendo Switch Next Month

A big announcement has come from Nintendo for fans of Microsoft’s Minecraft. May 11th will mark the digital launch of the popular title for the Nintendo Switch. This version, dubbed “Nintendo…

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mass effect presidium art minecraft marketplace

Minecraft Marketplace Will Allow Creative Players to Earn Money

Mojang’s blocky sandbox game Minecraft has been consistently one of the most popular games of recent memory. Its widespread appeal has been attributed to the title’s approachable pixelated look and solid…

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Minecraft Story Mode Nintendo

Minecraft Story Mode Nintendo Switch Version is More Expensive Than Other Console Versions

One of the more interesting logistical aspects of the Nintendo Switch launch that Nintendo and third-party publishers had to consider was certainly the change to focus on cartridge-based physical games…

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Meet Albert – The Self-Learning AI Chatbot That Can Be Found In Minecraft (VIDEO)

There’s no denying the popularity of the creative blocks game known as Minecraft. With the ability to create entire universes, it has become a staple across all platforms despite its…

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mona lisa minecraft art

Awesome Video Offers a Look into the World of Minecraft Art (VIDEO)

Video games are mainly known for their value as an entertainment, and often times, as a storytelling medium. Anyone that has played a rousing game of Tetris, or felt the…

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Minecraft 1.8.8

Play Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst In Minecraft 1.8.8 Without Modding! (VIDEO)

A new Pokemon theme has been added to the ever popular title, Minecraft, and this time, it allows gamers to fully experience Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst right in their own…

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‘Tis the Season – Minecraft Holiday DLC is in Full Swing (VIDEO)

The ever-popular sandbox title, Minecraft, has released its newest Holiday Themed DLC pack today, and just in time for Christmas! The Minecraft Holiday DLC, titled the Festive Mash-up DLC, allows…

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