Minecraft Dungeons’ Chills And Thrills Seasonal Event Now Live (VIDEO)

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It’s Winter time and the holiday season is in full swing. In-person events aren’t being held this year, but there’s an abundance of in-game revelry happening instead. Minecraft Dungeons’ event Chills and Thrills is now live and they tons of Winter-themed trials, modifiers, and gear.

From now until December 30th, the Chills and Thrills event features six themed trials with two new trial modifiers, including “a changing number of chests, changing the cooldown on artifacts, and invisible mobs.” Yeah, invisible mobs. Talk about frightful! Check out the announcement from Minecraft Dungeons official Twitter account:

On top of the new trials, Minecraft Dungeons’ Chills and Thrills event features unique collectible items, including the Arctic Fox Armor, Frost Slayer weapon, and the Shivering Bow. Instead of trekking to a Winter wonderland to bask in the snowy delight, the Winter wonderland comes to you! According to Minecraft Dungeons, “Slay the snowy fashion game with the Arctic Fox Armor, slice your way through the ice with the Frost Slayer, or cut through chilling winds with the Shivering Bow – each item brings a wintery approach to combat.”

In other Minecraft-related news, one of the latest Minecraft updates paves the way for axolotls! These adorable and colorful amphibians were announced during the Cliffs and Caves update that we covered a few months ago. As for the Caves and Cliffs update, this Minecraft update will introduce new resources like crystal and copper that can be used to craft items like a telescope. There’s tons of new content in store and it arrives Summer 2021!

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