Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Multiplayer is Linked to Campaign

The hype train for Mass Effect: Andromeda keeps chugging along as we learn more details about the highly anticipated latest installment in the franchise. Today’s nugget of tantalizing news centers…

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Familiar Mass Effect Races Return in Andromeda – But Not All of Them

Just because we’re off to a new galaxy in Mass Effect Andromeda, doesn’t mean we won’t see some familiar faces. It is greatly expected that most of the races we…

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PeeBee & Liam Joined by Two New Squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Liam and PeeBee are getting accompanied by two new squadmates on the Tempest for Mass Effect: Andromeda and their names are Cora and Drack. Previously disclosed, PeeBee is a female Asari unlike ones…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda To Be Bioware’s Biggest Game Ever!

Since November 7th aka (N7 Day) news about the franchise’s 4th but separate installment Mass Effect: Andromeda has been pouring through the old interwebs at a pretty steady stream. Our…

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A Closer Look at Mass Effect Andromeda’s Tempest: No Loading Screens Plus a Salarian Pilot!

Anyone who has played one of the previous Mass Effect games knows that navigating the Normandy has had varying levels of intuitiveness. having to deal with load times, or something…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Official Gameplay Demo Coming Dec. 1st

This just in, BioWare tweeted that at the Game Awards, December 1st, 2016, we will be getting a first in-depth look at Mass Effect Andromeda’s gameplay! That’s right, in just a…

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The Spicy Deets Between the Sheets – Mass Effect Andromeda Romance

Everyone has their favorite space waifus and husbandos in the previous Mass Effect games, and Andromeda romance options will be following suit by providing multiple characters to horizontal tango with…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Innovation Takes Cues from ME3 Multiplayer

By the time Mass Effect Andromeda launches in March of 2017, it will have been almost exactly five years since the release of the last Mass Effect game. In efforts…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Introduces a New Alien Race – The Kett

In very recent Mass Effect: Andromeda news, BioWare introduced two members of the team – PeeBee and Liam. Now, there is an exclusive look at a new alien race being…

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BioWare Introduces Two New Members from Mass Effect Andromeda: Liam and PeeBee

As any fan of the Mass Effect games can attest, one of the most endearing features of the series is the assortment of beloved and quirky squad-mates that you pick…

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