Riot Games Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

Riot Games Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

League of Legends publisher Riot Games has settled the class action lawsuit leveled against the company for its sexist corporate culture, which was uncovered last year in a revealing investigative piece by Kotaku. In the wake of the recently executed employee walk-out that took place at the company’s headquarters, Riot has confirmed that the lawsuit is on the cusp of being finalized, stating that “we’ve come to an agreement in principle to settle the class action lawsuit against Riot.”

However, Riot’s recent statement regarding the settlement leaves much to be desired, suggesting that the company settled in order to get its employees to focus on their tasks rather than to commit to actually fixing its problems. “After extensively reviewing these issues,” Riot began, “we can confidently state that gender discrimination (in pay or promotion), sexual harassment, and retaliation are not systemic issues at Riot.” This is a decidedly easy thing for the company to say, especially since many of the lawsuits and grievances put forward by employees are locked away under forced arbitration.

But, what we also learned during this process was that some Rioters have had experiences that did not live up to our values or culture. In addition, we’ve encountered considerable fatigue among Rioters, who have been drained by constant engagement with the internal and external dialogues emerging from these lawsuits and recurring media cycles.”

That aside, it does look like at least some good is coming out of all this as Ryan Saba, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, has issued a statement through Riot confirming that the future looks brighter for the company. “This is a very strong settlement agreement that provides meaningful and fair value to class members for their experiences at Riot Games,” Saba said.

This is a clear indication that Riot is dedicated to making progress in evolving its culture and employment practices. A number of significant changes to the corporate culture have been made, including increased transparency and industry-leading diversity and inclusion programs. The many Riot employees who spoke up, including the plaintiffs, significantly helped to change the culture at Riot.”

The lawsuit isn’t a complete wrap yet, though, as both sides still need to seek court approval for the proposed settlement. That said, things definitely seem to be winding down. Here’s hoping the end result of the settlement was a positive one for the plaintiffs. Readers can learn about Riot’s D&I Initiative right here.

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