Castlevania Season 4 Teaser Arrives Amidst News Of Potential Spin-Off (VIDEO)

Inspired by the Gothic horror platforming franchise, Netflix’s Castlevania series started out as a hit back in 2017 with a dark tale of vengeance and the hellish retribution of Dracula…

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Silent Hill Creator

Silent Hill Creator Teases New Game With Spooky Artwork (VIDEO)

Horror has been one of the most beloved gaming genres throughout the industry’s history, with one of the most notorious horror franchises being Silent Hill. Sadly, with Konami shifting its…

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Silent Hill Composer Tease

Silent Hill Composer Seemingly Teases New Game

Rumors have been floating around the Internet in recent years that point to something happening with the Silent Hill series, especially after the messy break-up between Konami and Hideo Kojima….

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Silent Hill DLC Announced For Monsters And Mortals (VIDEO)

Silent Hill DLC Announced For Monsters And Mortals (VIDEO)

The video game industry has seen many major franchises rise in power and wane in presence, with some of the more recent cases of the latter being those owned by…

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New Bomberman Announcement

New Bomberman Announcement Happening Soon, Says Designer

As the new video game console generation begins its infancy, video game fans have been theorizing as to what absent video game franchises might see some sort of revival on…

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Casts Oscar Isaac As Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid Movie Has Reportedly Cast Oscar Isaac As Solid Snake

It looks like the live-action Metal Gear Solid movie may have just taken one big step out of development hell. A new report has come in stating that Oscar Isaac…

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Metal Gear Solid V Prosthetic Arm

Metal Gear Solid V Prosthetic Arm Line Now Available For Amputees (VIDEO)

The video game industry has many renowned auters, but perhaps none as prolific as Hideo Kojima. The famed video game director is well known for consistent political themes and social…

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P.T. Silent Hills Hideo Kojima Junji Ito

P.T. Was Available On PS5 For A Brief Amount Of Time

P.T. may go down in gaming history as one of the biggest letdowns, not because of the game itself, but because it will only remind gamers of what could have…

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konami silent hill ps5

Silent Hill Game Rumored For PS5 Exclusive Reveal Later This Year

Yes, it’s another Silent Hill rumor. Yes, we’d like to stop getting our hopes crushed by teasers and rumors too. Alas, whispers are making its round on the internet again…

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P.T. Will Not Be Available On PlayStation 5

One of the biggest games to get cancelled in recent memory is none other than Silent Hills. Before the title was cancelled, and before the messy split between Konami and…

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