New Metal Gear Solid 2 Announcement Seemingly Coming Next Week

New Metal Gear Solid 2 Announcement Seemingly Coming Next Week

It looks like there may be an announcement of a Metal Gear Solid 2 remake or remaster on the horizon. In the past few weeks a strange Twitter account has surfaced for one Tom Olsen, which has posted as if they are an actual employee at MGS2’s fictional Big Shell, not unlike what Riot Games did with Seraphine prior to her official inclusion into League of Legends. Now, Olsen has released a new tweet seemingly hinting at an announcement next week pertaining to the game.

As can be seen on Twitter, Tom Olsen has been tweeting about events that occur just prior to the start of the Big Shell incident and Raiden’s subsequent infiltration into the facility, which kicks off Metal Gear Solid 2 following the prologue featuring Solid Snake. The latest tweet is in regards to the in-game President Johnson’s impending visit to the Big Shell next week, and how it’s “going to be an adventure, for sure!”

It should be noted that Konami hasn’t made any such announcements regarding a potential Metal Gear Solid 2 remake or remaster. Still, this isn’t either quite an impressive troll or we will in fact get some kind of official announcement at some point next week.

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