Destiny 2 development roadmap

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap Sees Setbacks, Rumble Returns To The Crucible

Since its launch Destiny 2 has had a rocky run, but Bungie keeps at it to maintain promises they made to be receptive to fans and transparent in their procedures….

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Destiny 2 Hotfix

Destiny 2 Hotfix Restores Content Blocked By Paywall – Now Available For All Players

Destiny 2 has certainly received its fair share of criticism since being release in September, but that hasn’t stopped Bungie from doing their best to keep the game afloat. However,…

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Destiny 2: Iron Banner

New Destiny 2 Iron Banner Details – First Chance For PC Players To Enjoy This Event!

Destiny 2 PC players are finally going to get a taste of the ‘Iron Banner’ pie that the title’s console players have already been enjoying since launch. In the latest…

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Destiny 2 PC Launch

Bungie Reveals Big Destiny 2 Season 2 Changes – Includes Iron Banner, Loot System, And More

During the Twitch Con 2017 livestream this year, Bungie revealed several details for the upcoming changes happening to Destiny 2 season 2. As their latest title moves forward since its…

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Lord Saladin

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Players Notice Something’s Not Right With Lord Saladin’s Lines

Trouble continues to swirl around the first Iron Banner of Destiny 2. Many fans have been upset with the lack of light level advantages that made the original Destiny’s Iron Banners…

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New Destiny 2 PvP Map

New Destiny 2 PvP Map Goes Live With The Start Of First Iron Banner

Bungie’s second entry into the Destiny franchise has been the talk of the gaming world since its release at the beginning of September. Regarded by players as an improvement on…

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Details Confirmed – Return of the Iron Lord

Bungie announced earlier that the first Destiny 2 Iron Banner event is coming, with some pretty major changes to the multiplayer competition from the first game. According to Bungie, “Your…

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destiny trials

The Final Destiny Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner Event Details Revealed by Bungie

As anticipation grows with the story-rich and progressing Destiny 2, Bungie wants to do one last hurrah for players of the original title. The final events to take place in…

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Project Mayhem

Destiny’s Iron Banner Introduces Project Mayhem This Week, Inciting Chaos and Bringing Rewards

With Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal right around the corner, it’s no surprise that people are getting “supercharged” in anticipation. To tide Guardians over, the Iron Lords are introducing something new to the upcoming…

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Destiny Iron Banner

Destiny’s Iron Banner to Return with Badass New Rewards

Bungie’s hit shared world shooter Destiny is about to launch another week of their Iron Banner multiplayer event. The event will start on February 28 at 10 AM PT and will cease…

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