Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight To Up The Ante On Graphics For Next-Gen Consoles (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight the massively played 4v1 horror game has promised fans a feast for the eyes in their latest update The Realm Beyond which will be start with the…

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Hideo Kojima Wants To Develop A Horror Game That Makes You "Poop Your Pants"

Hideo Kojima Wants To Develop A Horror Game That Makes You “Poop Your Pants”

Having finished development on Death Stranding, creator Hideo Kojima has been continuously teasing what he has planned next for Kojima Productions, whether it be a full-blown movie or some sort…

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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Dev Talks About How Many Playthoughs Are Needed to Get “Everything”

We already knew that Dying Light 2 would have multiple endings, but what we didn’t know was how different those endings truly are. After getting our hands on a demo during E3…

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New Evil Dead Game Bruce Campbell

New Evil Dead Game Coming Soon, Bruce Campbell Confirms

It’s been some time since Ash vs. Evil Dead was taken away from fans, which has left many wondering when the next project would arrive, if anything was in the…

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Friday the 13th Dedicated Servers

Friday the 13th Dedicated Servers Finally Added With Latest Update

Halloween is drawing ever closer, and with it, horror enthusiasts are looking to rewatch classic films in the genre, as well as taking the plunge back into horror video games….

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Killing Floor 2: Infinite Onslaught Now Live – New Map, Character, “Endless Mode” & More (VIDEO)

Good news, Killing Floor 2 players! Infinite Onslaught is now available for all platforms and it looks effin’ brutal! You can check out the brand new trailer from Tripwire Interactive…

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Outlast Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Plus Info On New Project

The Nintendo Switch continues to defy expectations with more and more developers pledging their support to the hybrid console every day. In addition to another third party title being added…

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Dead Space Dev Explains The Difficulty Of Selling Horror Games

For those who haven’t heard yet, the doors of Visceral Games have been shut and in the wake of the closing many developers have come forward to share their thoughts…

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Who is Your Sebastian? – Evil Within 2 Players Will Enjoy a More Customizable Experience (VIDEO)

Fans universally lost their minds when the trailer first dropped announcing the return of the Evil Within franchise. The next step for the horror series, The Evil Within 2, will…

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Season Pass for Resident Evil 7

The release date for Capcom’s horror game Resident Evil 7 is right around the corner and we’ve seen a ton of stuff about the upcoming suspense title to keep us…

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