Friday the 13th Dedicated Servers Finally Added With Latest Update

Friday the 13th Dedicated Servers

Halloween is drawing ever closer, and with it, horror enthusiasts are looking to rewatch classic films in the genre, as well as taking the plunge back into horror video games. One of the most iconic horror figures in cinema is undoubtedly Jason Voorhees, who excited fans with the prospect of a new Friday the 13th multiplayer video game a few years ago. The game was funded through a successful Kickstarter, but was criticized by many for issues with its online play, especially regarding its lack of dedicated servers. However, it seems that this all has changed, as Friday the 13th dedicated servers have finally been added with the latest update.

The official Friday the 13th Game Twitter account recently announced that a new update for the PS4 version of the game would be rolling out this week, and that it would include the long-awaited dedicated servers for the game. The Xbox One update also followed just yesterday. Until now, online play has relied on peer-to-peer servers, which come with the limitation of relying on the host player of the game to remain online. This meant that if the host left the game, the match would end for everyone else, forcing the host to remain active throughout the game, even after dying in-game.

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Having dedicated servers now active for the game now removes these limitations, letting all players come and go from the game without impacting the play for the rest of the participants. Aside from this, players can also experience a tape drop event for extra XP this weekend, in addition to the dedicated servers. Hopefully these improvements to online play will encourage more people to try out the game, just in time for ol’ Hollow’s Eve.

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