Hello Games announces Hello Labs

Hello Games Announces Funding Initiative for Games With Procedural World Generation

Hello Games founder Sean Murray took the stage at this year’s Game Developers Conference(GDC) to hold a presentation that focused on the inner-workings of the British developer’s 2016 exploration game No Man’s Sky. At…

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No Man’s Sky Receives Attention From Hello Games – Expands Space Combat

When No Man’s Sky first came out, it swiftly became an example of how far hype can go, and how quickly the mob can turn against the developer if they…

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No Man’s Sky Survival Mode – Prepare For Devastation (VIDEO)

After a very rocky release, No Man’s Sky is finally beginning to come around and redeem itself from the bad press it received since August. After the game’s Foundation update,…

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky in the Clear, Claims Advertising Standards Authority

No Man’s Sky has had a roller coaster ride of a life, thus far. Before the Hello Games’ title’s release on Aug 9, 2016, the hype train could not be stopped,…

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No Man's Sky Vehicle

Updata Data Files Point to New No Man’s Sky Vehicle in Upcoming Update

We have very recently seen a push by Hello Games to provide requested improvements to No Man’s Sky, after its first few months in front of players has been met…

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Announces Base Building and Finally Opens Up About Short Comings

In November 25th’s development update from Hello Games, the team discussed what they have been up to as of late for No Man’s Sky. The group has announced that this…

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Game Awards Promises Deeper Reveal

The Game Awards Promises “Deeper” Reveals, Claims Fault in No Man’s Sky Expectations

One of the biggest controversies this year in gaming came from the release of No Man’s Sky, which was the culmination of several years’ worth of hype and marketing. Developed by…

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Confusion on Twitter: Was No Mans Sky Hacked on Social Media?

On Thursday anyone following the Twitter feeds of Hello Games, creators of No Mans Sky, may have seen a very peculiar Tweet claiming that the game they released was a…

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