Atlas Rises

No Man’s Sky’s Massive ‘Atlas Rises’ Update is Live – Fans Finally Receive Multiplayer, Sort of… (VIDEO)

Developer Hello Games is continuing to make amends for its underwhelming sand box game No Man’s Sky.  Previously teased via cryptic messages and cassette tapes, the game’s massive update –…

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Atlas Rises" Update Drops This Week, New Screenshots

No Man’s Sky’s Mysterious “Atlas Rises” Update Drops This Week (GALLERY)

Following a cryptic campaign called “Waking Titan,” which included a bizarre collection of cassettes and ROT13 ciphers, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has finally announced Update 1.3 set for release sometime…

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No Man's Sky ARG

New Content Suggested for August in No Man’s Sky ARG

Developer Hello Games has been sending players cryptic tapes this past month, setting them on a course to discover their meaning. Through a series of puzzling cassettes, players were able…

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No Man’s Sky Dev Team Surprises Players With Mysterious Tapes in the Mail

No Man’s Sky … a tumultuous journey of expectations and controversy among the player base. Many were dissapointed, where others got exactly what they wanted. Two very opposing ends of…

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path finder

New No Man’s Sky “Path Finder 1.22” Patch Allows New Vehicles on Every Planet

The original Path Finder update (1.20) was the second biggest update since No Man’s Sky‘s release in August 2016. Among several other major additions such as “base sharing”, permadeath mode, texture…

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Hello Games announces Hello Labs

Hello Games Announces Funding Initiative for Games With Procedural World Generation

Hello Games founder Sean Murray took the stage at this year’s Game Developers Conference(GDC) to hold a presentation that focused on the inner-workings of the British developer’s 2016 exploration game No Man’s Sky. At…

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No Man’s Sky Receives Attention From Hello Games – Expands Space Combat

When No Man’s Sky first came out, it swiftly became an example of how far hype can go, and how quickly the mob can turn against the developer if they…

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No Man’s Sky Survival Mode – Prepare For Devastation (VIDEO)

After a very rocky release, No Man’s Sky is finally beginning to come around and redeem itself from the bad press it received since August. After the game’s Foundation update,…

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky in the Clear, Claims Advertising Standards Authority

No Man’s Sky has had a roller coaster ride of a life, thus far. Before the Hello Games’ title’s release on Aug 9, 2016, the hype train could not be stopped,…

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No Man's Sky Vehicle

Updata Data Files Point to New No Man’s Sky Vehicle in Upcoming Update

We have very recently seen a push by Hello Games to provide requested improvements to No Man’s Sky, after its first few months in front of players has been met…

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