From Software Announces Déraciné For PSVR At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

From Software Announces Déraciné For PSVR At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Sony’s presentation at E3 2018 was full of exciting reveals and new gameplay trailers for previously announced trailers. As everything winded down, those in attendance were treated to one last…

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Premieres At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

From Software, the developer behind the Dark Souls is back with their new Ninja game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game will be published by third-party Activision. Initially teased last winter,…

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Dark Souls Remastered Hides

Hidden Bloodborne Map Found In Dark Souls Remastered Becomes A GTA V Mod (VIDEO)

Fans of the Dark Souls series are no doubt thrilled to be playing through the original game with rejuvenated looks and a vibrant community in the form of Dark Souls…

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Dark Souls Remastered Changes

Dark Souls Remastered Changes Revealed, Here’s What’s Different

When Dark Souls Remastered was announced earlier this year it set the entire internet ablaze. While Dark Souls 2 and 3 are excellent games and can be revisited on Steam…

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Custom Bloodborne Stand

This Custom Bloodborne Stand Is Perfect For PS4 Owners

Artists are always coming out with amazing pieces inspired by their favorite video games, and this custom Bloodborne stand is one such example. Created by artist Michael Ildmirkin, the PlayStation…

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Dark souls Solaire amiibo

Dark Souls Solaire Amiibo Confirmed For Nintendo Switch Release

Today’s new Nintendo Direct has been full of surprises, with a significant amount of the games being new Nintendo Switch versions of games that first released on other gaming platforms…

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Bloodborne Content

WATCH: Unfinished Bloodborne Content Accessible Through Chalice Dungeon Codes

From Software’s Dark Souls series and its spin-off title Bloodborne are known by fans to be massively deep games, with dedicated fans and enthusiasts still discovering secrets and new tidbits of lore…

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Dark Souls Achievements

Speedrunner Earns All Original Dark Souls Achievements in 4 Hours (VIDEO)

One of the biggest gaming fixations to arise from the world of livestreaming in recent years has been in the realm of speedrunning. The advent of sites like Twitch have…

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Boss Rush Mod

Fight Bosses Back to Back in Dark Souls Boss Rush Mod (VIDEO)

In Dark Souls, the smaller enemies before the boss are not only incredibly challenging, but can be an incredible nuisance to the player. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

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Dark Souls III patch 1.14

Upcoming Dark Souls III Patch 1.14 Addresses DLC Weapon Strengths and More

The fire may have finally faded on the Dark Souls series, but developer From Software is still pumping out patches and updates for Dark Souls III, following the release of…

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