Latest Fortnite update

Latest Fortnite Update Brings Lunar New Years Items, New Characters, And More (VIDEO)

As Valentine’s Day comes and goes, Epic Games doesn’t let one day of spreading love define them. In the latest Fortnite update, the team is bringing tons of new content…

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Fortnite Offering Free Items For PlayStation Plus Subscribers

There are a lot of reasons to play the latest online game from Epic Games, including an addictive (and free) battle royale mode. There’s yet another reason to partake with…

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60 fps

Fortnite Devs Announce Huge Update This Month Bringing 60 FPS Mode To Consoles, More

Epic Games released their 4th iteration of the team’s “State of Develoment” detailing all of the new features and fixes they are currently working on. One of the items on…

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Fortnite Destroys PUBG’s Concurrent Player Record, Servers Immediately Crash

Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dominated the gaming landscape in 2017 Epic Games’ Fortnite has been making huge leaps and bounds in popularity, especially after the title’s free-to-play Battle Royale mode was implemented. The…

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Fortnite Update

New Fortnite Update Includes Valentine’s Day Skins, Bug Fixes, And Future Patch Notes

Fans of the sandbox survival game have some new features and fixes to look forward to with the coming new Fortnite update. Patch 2.4.2 has plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with…

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Valentine’s Day Fortnite Event Delayed, New Start Date And Patch Notes Detailed

The Valentine’s Day Fortnite event faces a delay announced developer Epic Games, and provided an updated timeline that will shed public insight on the next few patches. Previously stated in…

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Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

New Fortnite Dev Update Video Addresses Server Issues And More, Plus Current Weapon Accuracy Testing

Fortnite system designer Eric Williamson took center stage with a new developer update to clue players in on what the team over at Epic Games is working on while also…

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Fortnite Players To Receive Compensation

Fortnite Players To Receive Compensation Following Extended Server Downtime

Fortnite players have been put through the wringer lately between login issues and server outages. The latest spat of issues appeared as a result of the game’s Update V.2.3.0, which…

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Paragon Players

Paragon Players Fight To Keep Game Alive After Impending Shut Down Announced

It was recently revealed that Epic Games would be closing the doors on one of their titles to focus on another. The news caused outrage as many believed this to…

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Epic Games Confirms Paragon Closure To Focus On Fortnite, Refund Offer Included With Statement

While it is no secret that Paragon has been placed on the wayside as the popularity of Fortnite continues to gain momentum, it may come as a surprise to some…

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