Far Cry 5 Falls Victim To PETA, And It’s Delightfully Absurd

The animal rights group PETA is once again bridging the gap between real life animals and computer programs that visually look like the focus of their protection. This time, the…

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Far Cry 5 Pizza

Far Cry 5 Pizza Place Hosts Companions Who Are Not Actively Assisting Players

Far Cry 5 has been out in the wild for two weeks now, and many players are still traversing the varied terrain of Hope County, Montana. Many knew going into…

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Far Cry 5 Collector Edition Unboxed By Cult “Father” Actor With Hilarious Commentary (VIDEO)

The newest villain introduced to the Far Cry series is a cult leader called the “Father” and as greasy and menacing as the character can be, the actor who portrays…

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Far Cry 5 Players Are Officially Hunting For Bigfoot

Far Cry 5 Players Are Officially Hunting For, Er, Bigfoot?

Far Cry 5 features tons of animals that players can both tame and hunt, making their stay in Montana all that more enjoyable. For those looking for bigger, more elusive…

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Huge Ubisoft Games Sale This Weekend On Steam, Up To 75% Off

Steam is known for having great sales going on for PC titles. Sometimes, it’s a week long sale on random popular titles and other times it’s publisher specific – like…

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Far Cry 5 Villain

Far Cry 5 Villain May Be Playable In The Future, According to Producer (VIDEO)

The core Far Cry series has been well known to proudly feature charismatic villains as a selling point for the games. Larger-than-life villains, like pirate lord Vaas in Far Cry…

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Official Far Cry 5 Limited Edition Gaming Headphones Revealed

In partnership with Thrustmaster, Ubisoft announced gaming paraphernalia for fans anxiously awaiting the franchise’s next title. Official Far Cry 5 limited edition gaming headphones have been revealed, showing off two different versions…

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Far Cry 5 Map Editor

Far Cry 5 Map Editor Feature Includes Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed Elements (VIDEO)

Far Cry 5 is just a few weeks away from launching, and this sequel in the franchise has especially excited fans with the promise of many special features for the…

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Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights

Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights Trailer Includes Right To Deliver Unusual Punishment (VIDEO)

Ever since Far Cry 5 was confirmed to be set in a version of Montana overrun by a religious cult that misappropriates American ideals to further their twisted agenda, the…

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Far Cry 5 Lets You Recruit A Bear, Meet ‘Cheeseburger’ (VIDEO)

Gamers are eager to get their hands on Far Cry 5 when it releases later this month. The game is promising a bevy of new locations set in the fictional…

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