Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights Trailer Includes Right To Deliver Unusual Punishment (VIDEO)

Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights

Ever since Far Cry 5 was confirmed to be set in a version of Montana overrun by a religious cult that misappropriates American ideals to further their twisted agenda, the promotional materials for the game have opted to run with this social-cultural theme. Ubisoft has spoken at length about the themes of zealousness and nationalism influencing the game’s marketing, and how it reflects real life issues facing the US today. Now, a new Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights trailer is using the iconic Constitutional amendments to support the player’s methods of fighting the Eden’s Gate cult.

Ubisoft has released the new Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights trailer on their official YouTube channel. The video begins with shots of Hope County, Montana and states that your rights have been rewritten. A series of rights from the game’s Bill of Rights are given, which turn the phrasing of the famous first ten Constitutional amendments against expectations. The right to bear arms becomes “The Right To Arm Bears (And Dogs. And Cougars…).” The list also contains rights such as the right to “Deliver Unusual Punishment” and “Do Without the Process of Law.” Check it out below:

The trailer also utilizes other American touchstones, such as baseball, by giving the player the right to “Take them out of the ballgame.” The trailer ends by revealing the final right to “Blow $@!% up” and showing many explosions in the game. With less than a month to go before the game releases on March 27th, Far Cry 5 is surely looking more and more like a big example of the US’s right to free speech. What do you guys think about the new Far Cry 5 Bill of Rights trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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