Far Cry 5 Lets You Recruit A Bear, Meet ‘Cheeseburger’ (VIDEO)

Gamers are eager to get their hands on Far Cry 5 when it releases later this month. The game is promising a bevy of new locations set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, as well as new features for the series. One such feature is the ability to recruit Hope County citizens to your cause. Video featurettes have so far introduced us to such Far Cry 5 allies, which include sniper Grace Armstrong, archer Jess Black, and Boomer the dog. Now, a video introduces us to the newest Far Cry 5 ally, Cheeseburger the bear.

PlayStation Lifestyle has uploaded gameplay footage of Far Cry 5 on their official YouTube channel. The footage shows the player rescuing Cheeseburger the bear from enemy captivity. A citizen in the game tells the player that the bear earned his beefy namesake as a star attraction at the county’s zoo, where guests constantly fed him cheeseburgers to the point of gaining diabetes. This triggers a mission where the player must track the bear’s whereabouts and feed him a delicious salmon. Upon doing so, Cheeseburger will aid the player in his attack against Rev. Seed’s religious cult.


While Cheeseburger may not be in the best of health, he is still quite deadly and continues the Far Cry tradition of utilizing animals native to a local population in the player’s quest against enemy forces. Let’s hope the other allies resist the urge to feed him more fast food. The poor bear can not haz cheeseburger. What do you guys think about Cheeseburger the bear being the newest of the Far Cry 5 allies? Let us know in the comments below!

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