Unity Fan Trailer Marvel/DC

WATCH: Epic Marvel/DC Unity Fan Trailer Pits The Heroes Against Doctor Manhattan

The biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics have finally assembled on the big screen in Justice League and The Avengers respectively. Fans have been appreciative of the fan service to say the…

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Harley Quinn Wrestler

WATCH: WWE 2K18 Player Creates Super Accurate Harley Quinn Wrestler

WWE’s newest wrestling game WWE 2K18 not only offers a dazzling recreation of the shows’ acrobatic fights, it also features a pretty extensive custom character creator. We’ve already witnessed the…

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Overwatch Cairo Map

Beautiful Fan-Made Overwatch Cairo Map Catches Jeff Kaplan’s Attention

Remember that absolutely beautiful fan-made Overwatch Cairo map that popped up recently? Well, it seems to have been making the rounds on the internet, even garnering the attention of somebody…

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Half Life 2

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Fan-Made Project Provides Concept Art, Progress Update

A former writer for Valve, Marc Laidlaw, provided a synopsis for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 earlier this year – causing fans to dream big with the possibility. However, as this outline…

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Mass Effect Fan Teaser Depicts a Real-World Reaper Invasion (VIDEO)

New Mass Effect Fan Video Depicts Real-World Reaper Invasion (VIDEO)

The Mass Effect series has been one of the most beloved RPG shooters of modern times, thanks to its lovable characters, detailed worlds, and intriguing, emotional stories. Despite the controversies…

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Overwatch Cairo Map

Fan-Made Overwatch Cairo Map Is Something We Definitely Need In-Game (VIDEO)

Blizzard’s action-shooter Overwatch has a lot of great characters and maps made by the developing team that many enjoy. Some players take their enjoyment to the next level and create their own fan-made heroes and maps. One of these creators developed an Overwatch Cairo map, and it looks incredible. The creator behind this work is artist Joshua Llorente. Using 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, and Substance Painter,…

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Tomb Raider 2

Fan Made Tomb Raider 2 Remake Using Unreal Engine 4 in the Works (VIDEO)

We live in an era chock-full of remakes, reboots, and re-releases. While it may annoy some, others enjoy revisiting the games and movies from our childhoods, but with today’s technological…

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Mega Maker

Fan-Made Mega Maker Allows Players To Create Their Dream Mega Man Game (VIDEO)

Mega Man fans have a slew of terrific content coming out this year, including the recently announced Mega Man Legacy collection. While it certainly looks like the Blue Bomber is…

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Fan Made Attack on Titan Game

Trailer Released for Free Fan Made Attack on Titan Game (VIDEO)

Early last year, an officially licensed Attack on Titan game was released on PlayStation 3, 4, Vita, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game was well received among fans, but that hasn’t…

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