Live-Action Dragon Ball Z

This Live-Action Dragon Ball Z Fan Film Adapts The Anime Perfectly (VIDEO)

The anime/manga series of Dragon Ball is beloved not only for thrilling fight sequences, but also the many characters that span across its myriad of adaptations. From animated form to the…

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Thanos Becomes People’s Sexiest Man Alive In New Fan Art

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War, one of the biggest takeaways from the large-scale superhero film was how devastating Thanos is as a villain. However, some moviegoers have been…

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Fan-Made Overwatch Netflix Original Movie Trailer Is Too Good To Pass Up (VIDEO)

Blizzard Entertainment is pretty well known for delivering the goods when it comes to animated shorts based on their franchises. This is especially the case with their popular hero-based FPS….

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Dragons Stats

Battle Pokemon In Dungeons & Dragons With All 151 Original Creatures

Despite being one of the foundations of modern day geek culture, Dungeons & Dragons has only grown in popularity through the years. The classic tabletop game is celebrated in current…

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Fan-Made Overwatch Jetpack Cat Origin Story

Fan-Made Overwatch Jetpack Cat Origin Story Is Equal Parts Hilarious And Adorable (VIDEO)

The world of Blizzard Entertainment’s popular first-person shooter is one that only keeps expanding. With the addition of digital shorts that dive deep into characters’ pasts, new heroes, seasonal events,…

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Huge Halo Multiplayer Project Now 100% Complete And Free (VIDEO)

It was revealed recently that the popular Halo mod called “ElDewrito” was completed after years of community-driven support. The project was started with the goal of making the once-abandoned Halo…

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Leaked PlayStation Plus

Leaked PlayStation Plus Games List Proven To Be Fake, Statement Inside

Recently it was learned that PlayStation Plus might soon introduce titles such as From Software’s Dark Souls II and Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 as the next free games for February 2018. The supposedly leaked…

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Unity Fan Trailer Marvel/DC

WATCH: Epic Marvel/DC Unity Fan Trailer Pits The Heroes Against Doctor Manhattan

The biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics have finally assembled on the big screen in Justice League and The Avengers respectively. Fans have been appreciative of the fan service to say the…

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Harley Quinn Wrestler

WATCH: WWE 2K18 Player Creates Super Accurate Harley Quinn Wrestler

WWE’s newest wrestling game WWE 2K18 not only offers a dazzling recreation of the shows’ acrobatic fights, it also features a pretty extensive custom character creator. We’ve already witnessed the…

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Overwatch Cairo Map

Beautiful Fan-Made Overwatch Cairo Map Catches Jeff Kaplan’s Attention

Remember that absolutely beautiful fan-made Overwatch Cairo map that popped up recently? Well, it seems to have been making the rounds on the internet, even garnering the attention of somebody…

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