Alpha Dog

Developer Alpha Dog Games Acquired By Bethesda

With most of Bethesda’s current gen games already having been announced and released, many are looking to the company’s plans for future games and expansion into non-traditional gaming spaces. One…

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Fallout 76 Doesn’t “Mark the Future” Of Bethesda

It was made especially clear this past E3 that Bethesda has cemented themselves as a gaming industry titan worthy of rivaling the likes of Ubisoft and EA. Their quality games…

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Warner Bros. Comments On Bethesda Lawsuit Over Westworld Mobile Game

Last week, Bethesda Softworks filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and developer Behavior Interactive.  The suit concerns the recent release of the Westworld mobile game that bears resemblance to the…

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Bethesda Sues Warner Bros. Over Stolen Fallout Shelter Source Code

The Fallout franchise is certainly a key focus in gaming right now, with all of the news regarding Fallout 76 dominating E3 this year and Fallout Shelter arriving on Nintendo…

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100 Million Fallout Shelter Downloads

Bethesda Celebrates 100 Million Fallout Shelter Downloads With Giveaways

The surprise E3 2015 announcement of Fallout 4 earned Bethesda much praise, but also as an added bonus, the same-day announcement of the release of Fallout Shelter made it even…

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Bethesda Montreal

Bethesda Montreal is Working on a ‘Bleeding-Edge AAA Freemium’ Game

Bethesda Montreal is working on a “bleeding-edge AAA freemium” game, according to a job posting found on the publisher’s careers page. The job posting, which was listed on the website…

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Skyrim Director Todd Howard Teases the Next Mobile Game for Bethesda

Todd Howard, the director at Bethesda behind notorious titles such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim, talks about what’s next for the dev team in terms of the mobile market.  Bethesda’s first mobile…

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Fallout Shelter is Getting the ‘Play Anywhere’ Treatment

Everyone’s favorite Pip boy has struck again in the gaming field! Fallout Shelter, a title that originally started off as a mobile title, has finally breached the console stratosphere and…

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Fallout Shelter Holiday Update Includes New Quests, Festive Items, and Outfits

Fallout Shelter brings you another holiday update complete with new quests, festive items, outfits and decor to deck our your vault! You know what they say, deck the halls with…

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