Bethesda Celebrates 100 Million Fallout Shelter Downloads With Giveaways

100 Million Fallout Shelter Downloads

The surprise E3 2015 announcement of Fallout 4 earned Bethesda much praise, but also as an added bonus, the same-day announcement of the release of Fallout Shelter made it even better. The mobile simulation game helped fans wait for Fallout 4, but also gave a different way for players to experience the world from a vault leader’s perspective. The game has proven to be a popular spinoff from the main series, and a success in its own right, even spawning imitators for other game franchises. Now, the milestone of 100 million Fallout Shelter downloads has reportedly been reached, and Bethesda has spoken about their planned celebration.

Bethesda has released a new blog post on their official website announcing Fallout Shelter’s impressive achievement of surpassing 100 million downloads across mobile phones, tablets, PC and Xbox One. To detail this milestone, Bethesda released an infographic detailing how much players have done in the game’s world. Over 385 million hours of the game have been played, with over 140 million vaults created. The combined effort of all of these vault leaders have led to over 933 million babies being born in the game and over 125 million pets adopted.

To celebrate this occasion, Bethesda has announced a special 5-day event starting today September 15th in which players who log in each day will earn free rewards. These free bonuses, which will be valued up to $10 across all five days for each player, will include lunchboxes, Nuka-Cola Quantum, and more. This is quite a benchmark to celebrate, and hopefully many more downloads are still to come! What do you guys think about the celebration for the 100 million Fallout Shelter downloads? Let us know in the comments below!

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