Super Saiyan Blue Goku Joins The Jump Force Roster

Jump Force won’t be coming out until sometime in 2019, but Bandai Namco and Spike have been keeping this hype train a-rollin’ with consistent roster announcements. Last week we got…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 17 DLC

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Android 17, New Stage In Next DLC

Dragon Ball FighterZ already sports an impressive roster filled with the anime/manga’s most formidable characters, but Bandai Namco has seen fit to deliver even more in the form of supplemental…

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Dragon Ball Super Broly Headed To 'Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Super Broly Headed To ‘Dokkan Battle’ (VIDEO)

Dragon Ball Super Broly is headed to the big screen in just a few months, giving long-time fans a legendary nugget of fan service by adding fan-favorite foe Broly to…

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Debuts First Trailer, Release Date Announced

As learned earlier this month, Goku’s hulking foe Broly will be willing himself into Dragon Ball canon with the upcoming film Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The Legendary character’s newfound homecoming would also…

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Broly Dragon Ball Super movie

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie Will See Broly Become Canon, Poster Revealed

A film continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime has been in the works for a number of months now, with considerable hype mounting as the universe-shaking story takes shape…

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Dragon Ball Heroes

New ‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Anime Debuts First Trailer (VIDEO)

Following the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime, many were wondering when the action-packed franchise would return, if at all. A new series called Dragon Ball Heroes has since been…

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FighterZ Vegito

Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito Blue And Fused Zamasu Release Date Announced

UPDATED WITH THE TEASER TRAILER:  We’ve all known Dragon Ball FighterZ has been primed for yet another roster power-up, with the likes of Fused Zamasu and the gody blue fusion…

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Vegito Blue Trailer Leaked

Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito Blue Trailer Leaked (VIDEO)

The epic brawls of Dragon Ball FighterZ continue with its forthcoming DLC, which will introduce several characters that weren’t included in the game’s original base roster. We’ve seen the praiseworthy…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows Off Fused Zamasu Gameplay In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Dragon Ball FighterZ is bringing even more fist-flying action to the fighting game in the form of powerful new DLC characters. We’ve already had the legendary duo of Broly and…

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Fused Zamasu

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Fused Zamasu In The Next Round Of DLC

The super-fighting of Dragon Ball FighterZ continues with its upcoming slate of DLC. While nearly all of Bandai Namco’s plans may have been let out of the bag early, the…

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