dragon age 4

Dragon Age 4 First Look Shows Off Behind The Scenes Footage (VIDEO)

During Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2020, Geoff Keighley revealed the very first look at BioWare’s Dragon Age 4. Though an official title for the sequel has not been revealed…

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Dragon Age 4 Producer Shares Update On Development Progress

Dragon Age 4 Producer Shares Update On Development Progress

When BioWare’s Mark Darrah teased Dragon Age 4 with the joke caption “Tevinter of our discontent,” we didn’t expect to be in the midst of a global pandemic and countrywide…

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BioWare Store

BioWare Store Returns With New Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Anthem Merch

Several developers in the world of gaming have become fan-favorites, but one of the most notorious hit-making developers of recent years has been BioWare. The beloved house behind such hit…

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waylanders dragon age

Dragon Age-Inspired ‘The Waylanders’ Will Have Tons Of Recruitable Pets

Inspired by titles like the beloved BioWare series, Dragon Age, The Waylanders is a fantasy RPG developed by Gato Studio with Mike Laidlaw as creative director. The game involves traveling…

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Dragon Age: Inquisition's Divine Decision Will Likely Have Major Consequences In The Next Game

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Divine Decision Will Likely Have Major Consequences In The Next Game

With the upcoming Dragon Age 4 representing the Tevinter of our discontent, as it were, it is uniquely important to remember that this is just the newest entry in a…

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U-Haul Gets Their Dragon Age Fandom On In Hilarious Thread

It ain’t click bait and it ain’t fake either. U-Haul is a fan of Dragon Age! Well, their social media manager is anyway. In a recent exchange on Twitter mentioning…

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mike laidlaw dragon age bioware ubsisoft

Former Dragon Age Director Announces Departure From Ubisoft

Known for his acclaimed career at BioWare for properties such as Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and most notably creative director for the Dragon Age series, Mike Laidlaw announces his departure…

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Dragon Age: Blue Wraith Bundle Revealed For Dragon Age Day

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith Variant Edition Revealed For Dragon Age Day

Focusing on the popular Dragon Age character of Fenris, publisher Dark Horse fulfilled many a fans’ fan-service with a new series by the name of Dragon Age: Blue Wraith. Taking…

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New Dragon Age game bioware

BioWare Teases Dragon Age News For Next Month

November 3rd marks the 10th year since Dragon Age was brought into this world with Origins. Since then, the franchise has amassed a passionate fanbase around the world with comic…

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Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 Won’t Be Arriving For Another Few Years, Says Analyst

Bioware’s Dragon Age Inquisition was a game that learned from its predecessor’s strengths and weaknesses. Not only was the title able to fill itself with wonders of an incredible fantasy…

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