Robert Pattinson Cast As The Batman

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Cast As The Batman

It’s been a long road for Matt Reeves’ long-developing Batman solo film. Script rewrites and the questionable return of actor Ben Affleck have caused the film to be delayed numerous…

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Shazam Goofs Up His Heroics In All-New Trailer 2 (VIDEO)

Shazam Goofs Up His Heroics In All-New Trailer 2 (VIDEO)

DC’s movie slate is looking mighty strong lately with heroes such as Wonder Woman, villains such as Joker, and the relatively recent success of Aquaman leading the charge. A new…

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This Witcher And Superman Crossover Cosplay Perfectly Merges Both Worlds

It has been quite a roller coaster of a year for Henry Cavill fans. The actor celebrated many successes, including his introduction into the Mission Impossible film series with the…

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Black Manta

Aquaman Villain Black Manta Seen In Image From Live-Action Film

Part of DC’s superhero universe, a film based on the aquatic-powered hero Aquaman is on the way to theaters this year with actor Jason Momoa in the title role. The…

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Batgirl Director Joss Whedon

Director Joss Whedon Steps Down From DC Batgirl Film

With the Justice League film finally released and the slate of standalone films related to the core members planned, many have been looking to the DC Extended Universe films for…

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Unity Fan Trailer Marvel/DC

WATCH: Epic Marvel/DC Unity Fan Trailer Pits The Heroes Against Doctor Manhattan

The biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics have finally assembled on the big screen in Justice League and The Avengers respectively. Fans have been appreciative of the fan service to say the…

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Billy Batson

Disney Channel Star Cast As Billy Batson In DC Shazam Film

It appears that pre-production for the DC Extended Unvierse’s Shazam film, which will be centered around the DC comics character, Captain Marvel has begun. Fans have known about the Black…

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Shazam Zachary Levi 02

Zachary Levi Cast As Shazam In Upcoming DCEU Movie

There were previous rumors of fellow wrestler John Cena in talks for the role opposite of Black Adam, but it seems that the shoes have been filled. It has been…

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Cyborg Featurette

New Cyborg Featurette Shows Victor’s Origin Story in Justice League (VIDEO)

In less than a month, the DC Extended Universe’s Justice League film will finally bring together DC Comics’ team of heroes on the silver screen. While fans were able to…

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DC’s Deathstroke In Early Development For Standalone Feature Film

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have had some frequent ups and downs in their attempts to create and sustain the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) shared-world movie-verse. A lot of those…

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