Kingdom Hearts 3 Receives New Big Hero 6 Screenshots, Character Artwork (GALLERY)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Receives New Big Hero 6 Screenshots, Character Artwork (GALLERY)

Kingdom Hearts 3 had a large presence at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, with the Square Enix and Disney collaborative title releasing a debut trailer for the Big…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Tokyo Game Show 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 Debuts Big Hero 6 World In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Being referenced in a hot new Eminem track looked to be this week’s highlight for Kingdom Hearts franchise, but a showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2018 seems to have wholly…

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 To Reveal ‘Big Hero 6’ World Soon

As one tends to expect from a Kingdom Hearts game, the entirety of Disney’s vast vault of properties has the potential to show up in some shape or form. As…

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There’s A New Big Hero 6 ‘Baymax’ Statue, And We Have A Mighty Need!

I think  it’s pretty safe to say that we’re all Baymax fans here.  How could you not be? The adorable companion was love at first hug when movie goers first…

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New Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 Shows Off Buzz Lightyear and the Gang from Toy Story (VIDEO)

The news surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3 has definitely had more than a few pitfalls that have caused fans around the world to become a little disheartened. At this year’s D23,…

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Big Hero 6 - Cartoon Series

Big Hero 6 Cartoon Series’ Voice Cast Blends Original and New Voices

Back in 2014, a star shone bright in the ever-expanding night sky. That star was Big Hero 6, the wonderful film that followed tech prodigy Hiro Hamada, the lovable and squishy…

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