Sony Was The Third Most Popular Publisher At E3 2019 Despite Not Being There

Sony Fined $2.4 Million For Refusing To Refund Players In Australia

Though the company is probably pondering the future of the PlayStation brand, it appears that Sony has found itself in legal trouble with the Australian government. As recently covered by…

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Ronda Rouse Livestreaming

Ronda Rousey Livestreaming Channel Will Begin By Playing Pokémon For Australia (VIDEO)

The internet has helped expand the video game industry in numerous ways, but livestreaming has become one of the foremost to expand the reach and cultural ubiquity of gaming as…

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Kojima Productions Selling "Connect For Australia" Merch To Support Australian RSPCA

Kojima Productions Selling “Connect For Australia” Merch To Support Australian RSPCA

For those unaware, Australia was devastated by bushfires late last year and recovery efforts have begun in earnest to help aid the thousands of animals affected by the tragedy. Looking…

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guardians for australia bungie destiny

Bungie Launches Guardians For Australia Campaign To Aid Bush Fire Relief

For months, Australia’s land has been ravaged by bush fires affecting humans and animals alike. Both species losing their homes and lives to the indiscriminate blaze. Despite the struggles of…

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grand theft auto iii

Grand Theft Auto 3 Remastered Possibly Coming Soon

Evidence has surfaced of a possible remastering of Grand Theft Auto 3.  Easily the game that made the Grand Theft Auto franchise a household name, GTA 3 is quite possibly…

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Weird DayZ Australia Ban Now Officially Lifted

Weird DayZ Australia Ban Now Officially Lifted

DayZ being a zombie-inclusive survival shooter, the Bohemia Interactive title clearly wasn’t meant for anyone but an older gaming audience. However, the Australia classification board recently deemed the game much…

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DayZ Gets Banned In Australia Over Something That Doesn't Even Exist Yet

DayZ Gets Banned In Australia Over Something That Doesn’t Even Exist Yet

Though Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival-shooter DayZ has long been available digitally across multiple platforms, the developer recently began plans for a physical release in Australia. However, it appears the road…

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We Happy Few- Compulsion Games

We Happy Few Gets Banned In Australia, Developer Issues Statement

It’s certainly not everyday you hear that a game has been banned from an entire country. Though it’s not surprising why, there are blatantly violent and gruesome video game titles…

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Xbox Academy

Microsoft Offers Free Xbox And PC Game Development Classes With New Xbox Academy

Gaming fanatics in Sydney, Australia are getting the chance of a lifetime, as Microsoft reaches out with a new educational course for their fans. This opportunity for young gamers is…

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Outlast 2 No Longer Banned In Australia After Consideration By The Australian Classification Board

You know those jokes people make about everything being scary and trying to kill you in Australia? Well apparently, with the game’s upcoming launch, Outlast 2 was officially banned from…

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