Office Space

Office Space Mobile Game has Finally Arrived for IOS and Android 18 Years After the Film

18 years after its release, the cult classic film Office Space is finally getting the mobile game treatment. Titled Office Space: Idle Profits, this little title allows the player to…

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mass effect presidium art minecraft marketplace

Minecraft Marketplace Will Allow Creative Players to Earn Money

Mojang’s blocky sandbox game Minecraft has been consistently one of the most popular games of recent memory. Its widespread appeal has been attributed to the title’s approachable pixelated look and solid…

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mario run mobile

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Mobile App Coming to Android Devices Soon

When Nintendo’s Super Mario Run mobile game came to iOS devices in December, it was one of the Top Grossing and Top Free apps shortly after release. In fact, it was…

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Alien: Covenant Video Introduces the World to Walter the Android (VIDEO)

Since the beginning of the Alien franchise, androids have played key roles in the stories of each film. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the intergalactic conglomerate that is responsible for most of the…

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Wild Warriors

Use Your Mobile Device to Help Save the World With ‘Wild Warriors’

Gaming on the go is far from a new concept. We’ve been blessed with Game Boys, Game Gears, Vitas, and even the latest console by Nintendo, the Switch. Nowadays, just about…

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Capcom mobile games

Four More Capcom Mobile Games are Coming and We Have the Details!

Capcom announced yesterday that they have four new mobile games coming and each of them will be a re-release of classic titles from their archives. According to their Twitter post, we…

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New Hearthstone Expansion Will Take You on a “Journey To Un’Goro” (VIDEO)

A new expansion for the popular strategy card game Hearthstone has been recently announced by Blizzard. Journey to Un’Goro is planned to launch in “early April” and will be the…

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Nokia 3310

Nokia Relaunches the Infamously Durable 3310 Model Cell Phone

What comes to mind when you think about Nokia phones? Long-lasting battery life? Simple design? Monochrome screen? The chances are that it’s all of the above, alongside the brand’s infamy…

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darkseid injustice 2 mystery fighter

Injustice 2’s Next Mystery Fighter Reveal Delayed to Monday

Not too long ago, developer NetherRealm Studios announced that a new mystery character from the DC fighter Injustice 2 would be revealed this past Tuesday. The date of February 7th…

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available on Mobile Devices (VIDEO)

Get ready for tactical role-playing on the go. Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on Android and Apple devices. Oh, yeah, and it’s totally free to play. Fire Emblem Heroes stays true to…

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