Microtransactions Are “An Unfortunate Reality Of Modern Gaming,” Says 2K Games

Most online games have microtransaction features, whether it’s purely for cosmetic purposes or the more controversial pay-to-win models. Titles like Overwatch and League of Legends do it right with their…

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XCOM And Civilization Developer Working On Brand New IP

From the same folks that developed the XCOM and Civilization series, Firaxis is excitedly developing their new brand new IP. As a studio recognized for their stable and consistent quality…

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Hidden Message In BioShock Rediscovered 10 Years After Release

From the most unlikeliest of sources, a hidden message from the original BioShock game was revealed. First released in 2007, which was in fact over 10 years ago now, the…

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WWE 2K18 PC Release Date Announced, New DLC Characters Revealed

WWE 2K18 PC Release Date Announced – New DLC Characters Revealed (VIDEO)

Next month’s launch of WWE 2K18 is nearly upon us, or as wrestler Triple H might say: it’s almost “time to play the game.” While the 2K Sports title is…

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NBA 2K18 New Feature ‘Neighborhoods’ Adds a New Social Community Aspect

In a recent video, NBA 2K18 highlighted a new feature coming to their newest release of the franchise. The game already includes great aspects like MyGM: The Next Chapter and…

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BioShock Anniversary Celebrates 10 Years With a Collector’s Edition and More (VIDEO)

In celebration of the 10 years since the series was brought into the world (August 21st, 2007) and with the immense support it has received through all the games, 2K…

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Mafia III’s Sign of the Times DLC Now Available for Download (VIDEO)

Mafia III’s “Sign of the Times” DLC is now available for download and it’s all about cults, drugs, and rebuilding Sammy from rubble. Hangar 13 and 2K Games, once again,…

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New Civilization 6 DLC Nubia Coming Soon – Here is the Low Down (VIDEO)

The next playable civilization has been revealed by 2K and Firaxis for the game Civilization 6. It will be called Nubia and is led by Queen Amanitore. The new DLC…

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Expansion Introduces an Inside Look at the Assassin (VIDEO)

The XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion was revealed during E3 2017 and with it unveiled 3 new classes of ADVENT foes for players to battle against – the…

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Civilization 6 Australia DLC

Civilization 6 Australia DLC and Free Update Announced (VIDEO)

Developer Firaxis announced yesterday that fans can expect a new Civilization 6 Australia DLC and a free update soon. The turn-based strategy game has been out since October of last…

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