XCOM And Civilization Developer Working On Brand New IP

From the same folks that developed the XCOM and Civilization series, Firaxis is excitedly developing their new brand new IP. As a studio recognized for their stable and consistent quality of out-turn, they’re ready for a change of pace from their popularly recognized series so far. Civilization VI and XCOM 2 are the latest entries and both have a loyal following to boot. Perhaps their next property will gain the same reception.

GamesIndustry.Biz sat down with 2K Games president, David Ismailer, to talk about the future of both them and their studio partners. According to Ismailer, the future for Firaxis looks bright and they hope to bring exciting news in the future. “We did Civ, then we did XCOM, and now we’re looking hopefully to add one more to that portfolio,” he said.

This all stems from 2K’s goal to expand their current entertainment offerings and to “grow” their portfolio for long-term community engagement. The company aims for properties that will maintain a stable fanbase for years to come. To this end, Ismailer compares their approach of creating quality franchises to the appeal of amusement parks – it’s all about content, events, and value.

I sometimes think of it as an amusement park. You go to an amusement park, the more rides they have, the longer you stay there. Then sometimes the amusement park has a nighttime event and I stay until that event; they keep me in there. And occasionally they build a new roller coaster, and I come back to experience that roller coaster. We’re building our games in the same way. We need live events, we need post-launch content, we need to keep the consumer engaged once they get in.”

Whatever Firaxis plans to bring to the table, the community will no doubt receive it with open arms. XCOM and Civilization have been recognized for the unique features they bring to the industry and its creators, so it can only go up from here. What do you hope to see from Firaxis in the near future? Would you like a completely different series from the aforementioned two, or would it be better to stay within their comfort zone? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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