Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Animal Crossing’s Isabelle To The Roster


Many Nintendo Fans watched today’s Direct for anything to do with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, particularly if any new fighters for the game were joining the roster. While the presentation did not mention the new Smash Bros. game until the last few minutes of the presentation, Nintendo did not disappoint. The ending of the Direct confirmed that Isabelle from Animal Crossing is joining the Ultimate battle.

Today’s new Nintendo Direct has been uploaded to the official Nintendo YouTube channel, and the surprise Smash fighter reveal can be seen starting at the 35:00 minute mark. The clip shows Isabelle diligently fulfilling her duties in the town mayor’s office. As she is about to continue working, Pete delivers her a letter that invites her to join the Smash roster.

Much like the Villager before her, much of Isabelle’s moveset appears to rely on using items commonly found in Animal Crossing games as attacks. She is seen using a bucket of water, a party popper, a fishing rod and cheerleader Pom poms to attack other Smash combatants. As if this wasn’t enough, Nintendo added a stinger to this stinger, by having Tom Nook himself confirm a new Animal Crossing game will indeed be coming next year. Hopefully, AC fans will turn to Smash Ultimate to keep them occupied until then. If only we could change the system clock in real life. What do you guys think about Isabelle becoming a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter? Let us know in the comments below!

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