Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How To Unlock King K. Rool

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate has finally been released, and players have been knee-deep in the action since its release last Friday. While the majority of the game’s roster needs to be gradually unlocked, this process of encountering new challengers to add to the list can be just as fun as playing the game with friends. While there is a convenient Ultimate fighter unlocking guide available, many players are interested in finding one particular new fighter, King K. Rool. The crocodile king has proven elusive to many Smash players, so here are the various ways to unlock King K. Rool.

As reported on, King K. Rool can be unlocked in Super Smash Bros Ultimate through a variety of methods. Perhaps the easiest and quickest method to choose would be playing Classic Mode. Each of the starter eight fighters available when first playing the game each has a set line of unlockable characters that will be encountered when completing a run in classic mode. Upon the first Classic Mode playthrough as Link, King K. Rool will appear as a challenger after completion. If the player bests him, he will become playable.

King K. Rool can also be unlocked in the World of Light mode. By going to the Mysterious Dimension area, players can find him near the spirit of Risky Boots, the villain from the Shantae series. However, the World of Light mode consists of a very large world to traverse, so players looking for a quick way to find King K. Rool should opt for the Classic Mode as Link method instead. Hopefully this helps you guys and finally host the Donkey Kong 64 rematch of your dreams pitting the crocodile king against the original member of the DK Crew.

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